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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

BGSO Receives Environmental Stewardship Award

Ecology graduate students Matt Semcheski (right), Todd Egerton (middle)
along with Highland Park Civic League leader Jim Hazel (left) with Rivers
& Watershed Protection Awards

The Old Dominion University Biology Graduate Student Organization has been recognized for its ongoing volunteer efforts and environmental stewardship.  Last Friday afternoon, the Norfolk Environmental Commission hosted its annual Clean City Cookout at the Virginia Zoo.  The event was hosted by WHRO personality Cathy Lewis with 200 people in attendance, representing Norfolk civic leagues, schools, churches local government and environmental groups.  John Deuel, the director of Keep Norfolk Beautiful thanked the invited guests for their help in spreading environmental awareness and education over the past year.  Ecology graduate students Matt Semcheski and Todd Egerton accepted a ‘Rivers and Watershed Protection Award of Merit’ from Norfolk mayor Paul Fraim on behalf of the ODU BGSO.  Over the last year and a half, Semcheski, Egerton and fellow BGSO members have worked with the Norfolk Wetlands Board and others to plan, permit and carry out wetland restoration projects along the Lafayette River.  In June, 2010 the group restored approximately 1000 square feet of marsh behind Larchmont Elementary, including the removal of concrete debris, installation of coir logs and sand backfill, and planting of native wetland grasses and shrubs.  The group has also volunteered on three other restoration projects in Norfolk, most recently at a large wetland restoration at the Hermitage Museum and Gardens.  If anyone is interested in learning more about becoming involved with local wetland restoration projects please contact Todd at tegerton@odu.edu.

BGSO volunteers at a Lafayette River wetland restoration project behind
Larchmont Elementary School, June 2010.

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