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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Daines & Walters win College of Sciences Research Award

Congratulations to Dr. Dayle Daines and Dr. Eric Walters on their Early Career Distinguished Research Award for Pre-tenure faculty. Both faculty have been productive and both have recently been awarded federal research grants from NIH and NSF respectively.

Dr Daines' research is in the toxin-antitoxin system of nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae

Dr Walters research relates to community ecology, and in particular woodpeckers

Congratulations to the following graduate students who have been awarded departmental scholarships for 2015-16:

The Virginia S Bagley Endowed Scholarship: Harmony Hancock

The Harold G Marshall and Vivian J. Marshall Endowed Scholarship in Biology: Peter Schafran

Protection for Threated Corals

Dr Kent Carpenter and colleagues influential in getting corals listed as threated:


Butterflies continue to recieve help from Monarchs

Dr Tatyana Lobova continues to expand the "Monarchs for Monarchs" program:


Healthy lobsters avoid sick ones

Dr Mark Butler and colleagues have shown healthy lobsters avoid those that are infected with a contagious virus. Check it out:




Dr Lisa Horth is hoping that the pollination by Mason bees will produce bigger strawberries - check it out:



Dr Horth also created a pollination garden at the Norfolk Fire Department station at 43rd Street and Hampton Boulevard. http://www.odu.edu/news/2014/11/pollinator_garden#.VZP2K-G2VVo