The department has teaching and research interests in many aspects of Biology from the cellular and molecular level to organismal to global ecological and conservation issues

Friday, November 26, 2010

About us

Welcome to the Biology Department at ODU.  We are a diverse group who has a variety of different and exciting interests. Through this page I plan on highlighting the activities of the faculty, staff and students within the department and beyond.
So what do we do? We teach and conduct research in a variety of different biological disciplines.  Information related to our academic programs, both graduate and undergraduate can be found on here. Check out the individual faculty pages for more information on the research being conducted in the department, which may include use of some of our on and off campus facilities such as the Blackwater Ecologic Preserve and The Kaplan Orchid Conservatory.  We also have an Academic Diving Program for those who participate in diving as part of their education.
Our graduate students are active in a number of community and social events, including wetland restoration activities, participate in departmental activities and run a symposium in the spring where the students can present their research in a user friendly environment. Check out their website.  
For undergraduate students there is information on advising. There are various student groups within the department such as TriBeta and the Prehealth Club.  
So check back for more; also “Like” our facebook page….let others know we exist. We will post information on departmental activities on the facebook page.

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